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The walk-in clinic is closed until 6.4.2020.

Please call or mail me if you have any questions  or want to book an appointment for urgent issues.

Dear Patients,

We have been getting a lot of calls from concerned patients and general enquiries.

You are only welcome to visit our pratice Praxis Ishikawa – Two Rivers Acupuncture in Schärfengässchen 4-6, if you DON’T have the obvious signs of a Coronavirus or seasonal flu infection like:

  • fever and/or
  • severe coughing and/or
  • (severe) fatigue or weakness

+ any other obvious symptoms: profuse sweating, weak limbs, dizziness etc.

Additional restrictions like a recent arrival from a designated risk country / zone or knowledge that you could have had contact with a person, that has shown a positive Coronavirus test result apply. If in doubt call us first.

We operate under the current hygienic guidelines as provided by the local health inspector. The Gesundheitsamt Frankfurt is the local health authority for all doctors and Heilpraktiker in Frankfurt.

In addition, we use an ozone generator / air cleaning device after business hours to clean the treatment rooms. And we also wipe intermittently all doorhandles and some of the heavily used / touch areas (table edge) etc with desinfection wipes.

We also have mouth masks & gloves and if desired the patients can request us and them to wear those during treatment anytime.

In case of us not doing well: We as practitioners follow the same rules as those provided to the general public with respect to self-isolation, contacting a (general) doctor for further assesment and seeking medical treatment in case of a suspected infection with the Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2).

Thank you for your trust and for keep coming to our practice with your health concerns.

My promise to you:

  1. The treatment protocol is based on Chinese Medicine theory, but the sessions themselves are never standard, out-of-the-box.
  2. I want you to leave my clinic with a positive outlook and how you can promote your own healing process.
  3. Being a foreigner / traveler / tourist in this city can be tricky, I put you in a better position to understand, appreciate and enjoy your stay in Frankfurt.
  4. As a licensed Alternative Health Practitioner you get clear advice on what can be treated in a complementary medicine setting and when you need to consult a GP.
  5. Chinese Medicine does not separate the mind from the body, there are many opportunities during the acupuncture sessions to explore your state of mind and what you think may lie behind your health challenge.
  6. To meet the hygiene requirements for minimising a Corona Virus infection, only Acupuncture is offered.  

Have the courage to call and find out how I can help you.

You can book an appointment online:


or send me an E-mail with your preferred time slot:

You can also send me voicemail straight from this website (Click the “microphone” button on the right)